Friday, August 31, 2007

It all worked out in the end...

For those of you who've been tossing and turning, unable to sleep, worrying about my little job can pillow your head with a smile on your face tonight.

There are numerous details, meaningful only to me and maybe Carole, which I will mercifully omit here. Long story short, I am getting one extra bus run every morning and afternoon until a replacement driver can be hired for those routes. Turns out it's the all-girls route that is identical to the all-boys route I have. I couldn't be more relieved. The girls are well-behaved and the route is fairly quick. I've satisfied the bus people who wanted me to take an extra run and I've gotten off rather easily. They could have assigned me, say, a Skyline to South Oak Cliff run...probably an extra hour every morning and every afternoon.

Had I made you privy to all the details, you would see a bunch of answered prayers. Honestly, there are times I look skyward and laugh out loud. God can come up with more solutions in such imaginative ways! Hey, He's God!


Heather said...

So will you be taking a teaching role at DC? Or did I miss that?

P.S. Tons of new pic's from my NEW camera on my blog. Check it out.

Tim Perkins said...

No, no DC right now. Glad things worked out with the bus people. The pay is much better.

Now I'm going to your blog!

Brooke said...

I'm glad the bus routes worked out for you!