Saturday, September 15, 2007

Anything for a Date

I had a field trip last evening, taking the Woodrow Wilson volleyball girls to Loos Fieldhouse. About 30 minutes before their games were over, a very pleasant young man appeared at my bus and asked if he could put a sign on the side of my bus. I inquired as to what kind of sign - he said there would be a message on it asking one of the volleyball girls to go out with him to Woodrow's homecoming game. Since I was bored, I said, "Sure!"

He walked off to get the sign and reappeared later with a professionally-done, heavy paper sign that must have been 15 feet long. In big red letters, it said,

Heather Smith

H O M E C O M I N G?


I helped him tape the sign to the side of the bus. By now, the girls were due out any minute. He asked if he could wait inside the bus with me so he could see her reaction. Of course. I wouldn't miss this! Directly, out came the girls and there was instant high-school girl squealing. Reed laughed as Heather put her hands to her face in joy. He ran off the bus and Heather jumped into his arms, yelling, "Oh, Reed. I love you!!"

Crazy kids. Cute kids.


Brooke said...

Aw, that was sweet. Did it remind you of your Woodrow Wilson days?

Heather said...

How cute, oh the days of being in "love". Hey, you gotta give the boy kudos for originality. I'm sure glad she said, "Yes". That could've been embarrasing.

Blake Perkins said...

Kid had some guts....were you ready for him to be rejected and him crying on your shoulder?

Lynn said...

And would just a piece of poster board had the same effect? I am sure he appreciated you being so cooperative! Who knows maybe you will be asked to perform their wedding! Ha!