Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Purest Joys

Try as you might, you can't have better experiences than these:

Reading a great book and still having half of it to go

A hot shower after a tough day

Sinking your taste buds into a Reese's peanut butter cup and knowing you have one of them left

Observing from a distance a son or daughter doing something exceptionally well

Having your spouse alongside to share special moments with

Hearing hundreds of voices praising God. You can almost feel yourself drifting closer to God.

Holding a baby that's been smeared with baby lotion

Holding a baby, period


Heather said...

Hearing your 3 yr. old son sing "Life is a Highway" (Rascal Flatts)as it's the "McQueen Movie Song"...."I wanna wide it all nigh wong...."

Hearing your son say, "Thank you SO much mommy" and "your quel-come"....

Heather said...

I forgot one...listening to toddlers giggle.

Anonymous said...

Tim, My dear brother! You sound like Solomon- "These...things are too wonderful for me". I couldn't agree more!!!

How about waking up comfortably at 2 AM to find out you have 4 or 5 hours left to sleep!