Sunday, December 09, 2007

Come on, Audrey

Everyone in the Perkins household is agog this week - awaiting the arrival of Audrey Grace Hall, Brooke and Michael's first and our fifth grandchild. Maybe I'm an old softie, but I find myself not so much in gleeful expectation for another descendent as in apprehension for Brooke. I mean, she's got a lot to go through this week just to get Audrey from Point A to Point B.

I shall never forget a scene in the labor room while awaiting our first grandchild, Zach. Everyone from Zach's daddy to other relatives to the nurses were cracking jokes and having a great ole time...and I looked over at Jenny and could tell that she was absolutely miserable - racked by contractions and totally unable to join in the merriment. I wanted to do a Jesus and the moneychangers routine and just clear the room completely so Jenny could suffer without the insufferables around.

So I'll be wearing my attitude-police garb to the hospital this week. And I'll be pestering the doc to give Brooke an epidural NOW!


Brooke said...

Aw, thanks Dad. I will be resting up this week just to be as strong as I possibly can for this wild occurance.

Blake Perkins said...

Brooke's having a baby?

Heather said...

Brooke, I wish you a very non-painful childbirth and lots of joy to follow. Parenthood is the best gift in the entire world. Just ask your Pops.

The Powell Family said...

Hey, also keep everyone from eating in front of her. During BOTH of my babies births, my entire family on both sides decided to chow down while I hadn't eaten all day. I was starving, but had to settle for popsicles and ice chips. I think Marathon runners get more food during a race than I did. :) Way to go!! Congratulations on this new grandbaby!