Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Going home Wednesday

Here's Audrey being held by her Uncle Shaun with a head massage courtesy of cousin Andrew. Brooke and Audrey are doing well enough to be allowed to escape the hospital tomorrow and go home, where I'm sure restful, refreshing sleep awaits.


Lynn Leaming said...

Steve and I were blessed to revel at God's miracle of Audrey tonight. We give praise to God for answering or prayers and bringing her into this world healthy. It was so sweet watching Michael hold her and I was so very touched when he asked me if I wanted to hold her. It is very rare for first time parents to let you do that Brooke looked just beautiful. I know ya'll will have a wonderful Christmas together.

Tim Perkins said...

They are going to be wonderful parents! That is, if they can keep the grandparents from spoiling this little angel. Thanks so much for going by.