Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cheating is Bad!

We're getting cheated on rainfall.

I can't tell you how many storms have been at our doorstep in the past 3 months. Today is no exception. We have been a couple of miles away from tremendous, soaking rains that would bring soothing nourishment to mother earth and also gladden my grieving heart.

We have massive cracks in the soil between our house and the mailbox. These cracks are getting larger by the day and could any day now swallow up my lawn tractor.

I've been praying for rain. God has answered many other requests, but so far on this one, I've been coming up empty - just like my rain gauge.


Heather said...

Not to rub it in BUT...we finally got rain here in McKinney today.....Praise the Lord.

Brooke said...

Heard thunder all day and not a drop.

Jeff said...

Wash your car. That always works for me.