Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Musings, Again

My kids and grandkids are making it tough for me to be humble.

Let's go in chronological order: Brett, the firstborn, recently initiated a blog that deals with Christian budgeting. His brilliance in this area staggers me. Some people live their entire lives without discovering their gift. Brett has used his gift for many years now...counseling couples and doing financial seminars. May God continue to bless him.

Blake, the #2 child, is in the busiest time of his school year. Not only is he starting a new year in the classroom, he is the new head volleyball coach at Dallas Christian. He has always had a winning record as a coach, whether the sport be basketball, volleyball or tennis. Unfortunately, he has lost his best player to a torn ACL, but knowing Blake, he will still pull out a winning season. But frankly, W's don't mean that much to me. His greatest contribution is his Christian example to scores of students and athletes. He will never know how much spiritual good he has initiated this side of heaven. God bless you, Blake.

Brooke is child #3. She was married last Labor Day weekend. (I better do a spouse page pretty soon...my kids have married extraordinarily well!). Brooke is beginning her 5th year of teaching in public schools. She is the type of teacher who cares deeply about her students and pours her life into educating them and profiling Christ to them. She and Michael are heavily involved with the teenagers at Richardson East. And, like my sons, they are committed to being smart financially...making tough decisions that are anti-materialistic and pro-Christian. I pray that she never changes.

And, of course, my grandkids are smart and beautiful/handsome. Zach is at or above where he should be academically - this despite a severe hearing impairment. It's an amazing achievement. His teachers and parents are worthy of high honor.

Maddie is 25 months old. She knows her ABC's and can count to 20. You can throw her a ball from across the room and she catches it. This kid has an extraordinary future.

Ethan is a little over a year old and is quite a kid. Even though he lives in San Antonio and doesn't see us much, he opens his arms out to us every time we visit. He seems to be full of love and good cheer. Ethan is a charmer.

So there they are. I'm not bragging. Just passing on the truth to the world.


Blake Perkins said...

Thanks Dad! We are truly blessed.

Heather said...

Ok one thing...I'm worried now because Luke is 25 mos. and can't count at all or say his abc's....Is Maddie just way ahead of the game?

Tim Perkins said...

Heather: I think she is. Plus, we have given her lots of instruction on letters and numbers using computer programs and Sesame Street. One that I can recommend is an Elmo program that you can access here: http://www.sesameworkshop.org/sesamestreet/games/flash.php?contentId=9495524

Brooke said...

You make me cry when you write like that. Thanks Pops. You and mom were great parents.

Tim Perkins said...


Did we die?

Heather said...

Cool Tim, thanks.