Saturday, August 26, 2006

Two Items of Good News

Item #1: I heard a guy on the radio this morning discussing oil prices. He has a show devoted to automobiles, but he's not just a mechanic. He's brilliant, and always includes a segment on his show highlighting some amazing event in American history. In short, he is well-spoken and well-read.

Today, he talked about the current crude oil situation and how favorable the prices at the pump are - compared to even a month ago. Then he went on for about 10 minutes about how oil reserves have picked up lately, about how Iran is renting enormous oil tankers to hold surplus oil that they can't even sell. He said that many experts are predicting oil to drop below $50/bbl soon.

Now, my mommie didn't raise a dummy. I'm aware that the Middle East is enormously volatile and that there will be a hurricane in the Gulf next week. Things change very quickly. And I know you can't believe everything you hear on the radio. But at the very least, it was interesting.

Item #2: I saw geese flying south for the first time today. I mentioned this to Carole and she said she hoped they weren't just looking for water. Ha-ha. To me, it's the first real sign that cool, crisp days are around the corner. Hopefully, cool, crisp, wet days.

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