Monday, January 15, 2007


I watched "24" for the first time last evening. That may cause you to wonder where I've been lately. Well, I don't watch network TV. I watch science documentaries or live sports. To me, network television means having to watch gratuitous sex and violence, sprinkled heavily with profanity. I'd rather watch caterpillars morph into butterflies, thank you.
But back to the show. The acting was superb, the special effects riveting, and the storyline was gripping. I wasn't a big fan of the torture scene. But my biggest problem is with the concept of showing stateside terroristic operations.
I know the bad guys already know how to blow up a mall or a subway or a transit bus. I know all that. But I think the show is harmful on two counts: by actually portraying such terroristic acts, I think, it makes such acts more appealing to those who may be planning them but haven't consummated them. They may think, "Wow, this is doable. It is disruptive!"
Secondly, I don't like what such scenes may do to the impressionable minds of teenagers. It goes without saying that teens who do violent things most often credit the idea to some program or movie they saw. They are so easily led down the wrong path. I submit such portrayals may plant the seed.
I saw this morning where a spokesman for the Bush Administration said, "It crossed the line of civic responsibility and commerce."
I agree.

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