Monday, January 01, 2007

The Good Samaritans, er, Rockwallians

Today, Carole and I took a walk down the country road next to our house. We were just about finished when we heard what sounded like a distressed kitten meowing from somewhere. It took about 3 minutes to locate the source. The kitten you see above was huddled inside a hole in a tree stump.
Carole began sweet-talking the kitten, hoping to get her to leave the protection of the stump and come to us. Between us and her were thorny vines and two fences. But she came. We carefully clutched her and headed home. Our cat expert neighbor identified her as a Himalayan, which is a cross between a Persian and a Siamese. We fed her and gave her water.
Now you must understand that we don't like cats. We have two already and are desperately trying to find homes for THEM. But this precious little kitty, trying to survive in the elements, needed help. We have put a sign up on the road telling the world that we found a Himalayan kitten and giving our phone number. If we don't get a response fairly soon, we will turn the kitten over to Adopt-a-Cat or some no-kill shelter.
If you read this and want a gorgeous kitten, email us at I've deliberately quit holding her now...afraid that I'll fall too in love with her and not want to let her go. But during the hour or so I held her this afternoon, she kept looking up at me with those drop-dead eyes, melting my heart and seeming to say, "Thank you."

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Tim Perkins said...

Update: 9:40 AM, Tuesday. We had put out a sign on the road that said, "Found: Himalayan Kitten. Call 972-###-####." Well, this morning, we got a call from Alissa Wimpee, a friend of our who lives a mile north of here. Long story's hers. Two nights ago, the kitten had left the Wimpee's barn and not come back. They had assumed coyotes had gotten her.

She's the final kitty left from a litter of 7 or 8. The others had been given away, but the Wimpee's kept her because of her beauty and loving attitude. Her daddy is a Himalayan that roams the neighborhood. Her mommy is a an ordinary black cat. She looks exactly like her daddy.

So she is living a charmed life.