Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's Coming

I'm not sure what this means but Carole and I are "hunkering down". When I finish this, I'm gonna look up "hunker". I hope it means what I think it does. Anyway, a major ice storm is coming (they say) and it appears that we will be marooned in our house for two or three days.
After this is over, we will kick ourselves for all the undone household tasks that we could have crossed off the "to-do" list. But right now, we seem to be locked into fun surfing the 'net or working the crosswords in the Saturday paper and monitoring the National Weather Service.
Big fear: losing our power. We don't have firewood to make a survival fire for warmth. We do have food and blankets. But I doubt that Carole can survive without a computer or I without access to the NFL playoff games today and tomorrow.
Hopefully the next post will describe a happy ending to what's about to happen.
P.S. Why is it that we only get ice storms and not SNOW?!!


bperkins21 said...

Sunday afternoon and still no ice. Bastardi??

Tim Perkins said...

You better explain what you just wrote.