Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Strange Psychology of Winter Storms

I've been watching with great interest some weather developments. Famed meteorologist Joe Bastardi (yes, that's his real name) started sounding the alarm about a week ago to be ready for a winter outbreak the likes of which haven't been seen in 50 years. Sure enough, now the local weather service forecasters are on to the same thing, calling for the first shot of ice/snow to arrive next weekend.
I simply cannot figure out why this excites me. Ice storms in particular have no redeeming qualities other than providing the subject for fantastic pictures and video. Mostly, they hurt. Downed power lines, impossible travel, enormous inconvenience...even the joy of school being cancelled is tempered by the reality that eventually the school day will be made up, on a beautiful spring day I might add.
The last time we had an ice storm here, I desperately wanted to go get the morning paper. But there was an ice rink between the front door and the paper. I ended up saddling up my John Deere lawn tractor to go get it. BTW, I had so much fun, I spent an hour doing figure-8's on a flat area of our property. (My neighbor had to wench me out when I slid into the gulley next to road.)
But basically, ice and snow are troublesome and dangerous. Yet I'm sitting here tonight and my heart is overruling my head saying, "Bring it on!"
So stupid.


Brooke said...
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Brooke said...

As long as it does all of this on MLK day.