Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fun and Games

On Monday, I had the challenge of helping Carole babysit two of our grandkids, Maddie (age 3) and Macie (11 months). Macie is decidedly low maintenance most of the time and is the best baby I've ever seen. The tricky part would be entertaining Maddie, a smart, high-energy bundle of curiosity.

Lately I've been teaching Maddie how to use my camera - the same camera I use to take pics of airplanes. She is fascinated by it and I would love to have her someday become a serious photographer. Yes, I know it's risky to have a 3 year-old mess with something this expensive, but hey, I need an excuse to upgrade my equipment. Monday, I thought I would show her how to set the camera up for "delay" shooting, where you can focus the camera, push the shutter button, and run get in the picture before it fires away. Well, one thing led to another.

Soon, we had the camera resting on a coffee table. Maddie would push the shutter button...and at that point, there would be 10 seconds before the picture would be snapped. Then, she would run to the other side of the table and plop on the floor, where I was waiting. The game was, we would lie there on the floor pretending not to care about having our picture made. Then with about 2 seconds to go, I would yell out, "PICTURE!", and we would quickly pull up just in time to get in the shot. For some reason, we both found this enormously hilarious. It was certainly fun for this 59 year-old to act like a kid again. Here are some of the shots that resulted from this frolicking:


Heather said...

If that isn't the most precious thing I've ever seen. Where can I get a cheap (inexpensive)tripod. I think Luke would LOVE this little exercise.

Tim Perkins said...

Heather: I didn't even use a tripod. The camera is stable enough not to vibrate when the picture is taken.

BTW, I bought my tripod at Wal-Mart for less than $20. The really good photographers pay $200 or more, but I'm not a really good photographer. But the WM tripod is serviceable. It turns out that I rarely need it.

Blake Perkins said...

Maddie could not stop talking about this.....wish I could have had that kind of fun

Lynn Leaming said...

These pictures are just too adorable!! What special memories she will have!

Brooke said...

This was fun to watch yesterday!