Sunday, January 20, 2008

Meanwhile, here in KC...

On our flight north yesterday, the pilot kept reporting that the current temperature in Kansas City was -1, as though he were performing some sort of public service. Then the flight attendant came on and said the temp in KC was a "balmy -1". We saw plenty of mini-icebergs floating in the Missouri River.

I think the lowest Fahrenheit I'd ever experienced prior to this trip was a +1. When we stepped outside the terminal, Carole and I were immediately taken aback by how sharp and invigorating the air was. But it was a good thing her brother quickly pulled up in his vehicle since I would guess "invigoration" would turn to frostbite and hypothermia rather quickly. You know it's cold when the natives up here are saying that it's really cold. Seems like if it's that arctic outside, we should be able to see the northern lights.

Doesn't look like I'll get to experience the blizzard I wanted. You know, the kind that causes the farmer to get lost when he tries to walk the 20 feet from his house to the barn. I just don't know how the early settlers to the Midwest dealt with all the weather. They had stifling heat in the summer, blizzards in the winter, tornadoes in the spring, plagues of grasshoppers every now and then, and no Weather Channel. I would have stayed in the covered wagon until we got to Santa Monica.

To this point, our little trip has been pure joy. Smooth flight up, nice snow-covered scenery, wonderful hosts, and twin 2 year-old nephews to play with. We went to the Overland Park Church of Christ this morning and enjoyed a very inspiring worship. Sure did have to step sprightly from the parking lot to the church building, though. Didn't want any more invigoration than necessary.

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