Friday, January 18, 2008

Off to K.C.

No eloquent, gripping blog today. But I've got some ideas ricocheting around the cavernous open spaces of my brain. One is an expose' of the street where my beautiful wife grew up. It will be thrilling stuff, methinks.

We are off to Kansas City tomorrow morning for a 3-day visit with Carole's brother, Joe, and his family. Temperature should be in the single digits when we touch down and will probably stay under 32 the entire time. Uh, I have no plans to do a lot of outdoor activities. I do admit that I was secretly hoping for a blizzard because I've never been in one. That's fairly stupid, like longing to be struck by lightning just to feel my fingertips tingle.

We are looking forward to this little excursion, if for no other reason than to get away from the daily routine a bit. Of course, anything involving flying is stimulating to me. The only drawback I see is the ever-humiliating interaction with the TSA screeners, whose job is apparently to reduce me to a mental midget, and a barefoot one at that.

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