Sunday, January 27, 2008

Super Bowl Week and other mistakes...

See that irate pilot? He feels the same as I about the week that is now upon us. To me, nothing better exemplifies our society's misplaced priorities than the over-blown garishness of this annual disappointment. This entire week will be devoted to parties and debauchery, meeting and greeting and out-of-control spending. It will be important years from now (they think) to be able to tell your minions that you were there for the '08 Super Bowl.

This much ado about so much nothing exactly parallels the blight of materialism that afflicts America. We're snookered into thinking that the car of our dreams (or house, TV, toupee, whatever) will escort us into happiness that we'll never lose. With the anticipatory buildup that longing for toys brings, we soon find that, even with the Lexus in the driveway for all to see, the unabashed joy we initially felt has vanished and we're back to life as usual with all its problems.

Advertisers and networks will spend this week breathlessly extolling next Sunday's game as the game to end all games. It's that way every year. But the results are all too familiar - usually a lopsided game that makes one wonder why there was all the hoopla in the first place.

Jesus told us the He was the way and the truth. Sadly, too many of us have detoured down the path of glitz and bling and have missed the way. Remember that this week as you turn down the volume on all the hype.

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