Tuesday, March 25, 2008


These cannot be challenged:

1. Cobbler is the ultimate dessert, unless you factor in frozen key lime pie.

2. 99% of high school coaches don't impart the kind of values that I'm interested in.

3. Lakes and rivers weren't put here for recreational purposes but for scenic appreciation.

4. I would rather fall off a tall building than be locked in a trunk for an hour.

5. Martin Luther was one brave fellow.

6. Ricky Nelson was overrated; Roy Orbison was not.

7. Brunettes. Always.

8. Getting up at 3:15 AM every day of my junior and senior years in high school for my Morning News paper route taught me more than everything I learned in college.

9. We've gone some time now without any good presidential candidates.


Brooke said...

- I love cobbler!
- You met Mom as a blonde...remember?
- I much prefer the trunk over the tall building.
- I liked Huckabee :(

Lynn Leaming said...

Guess I have to disagree with #3. To me nothing more fun than fishing for rainbow trout in a cool river!!

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

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