Sunday, March 09, 2008

Survived the trip...I think

I caught a bug of some sort during the day yesterday. Felt fine (but sleepy) during the morning hours, but awoke from a bus-nap in the early afternoon feeling very rocky. By the time we were ready to start the 1.5-hour trip home, I really was hurting. Had I been 100% safety-conscious, I would have alerted the bus lot and had them ferry two drivers and a different bus to Emory, but that sure would have been inconvenient. So I tried to tough it out.

From the time I left until I made it back to the bus lot, there was an overwhelming desire to go to sleep. Well, that would have got a lot of folks killed. I spent the 90 minutes praying for alertness. It worked and I got the students and their sponsors back to Townview.

Carole took my temperature when I got home, and it was 102.4. By bedtime, it had backed off to 101.8. Kind of sounds like the flu except I haven't been nauseous.

So now I begin my spring break week. It's off to a dashing start, eh?

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Lynn Leaming said...

Hope you get well soon and enjoy your Spring Break!