Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two by Two

One of the idiosynchrasies of my very old school bus is that its roof leaks during heavy rain. Probably during heavy fog, too, but I haven't had heavy fog to deal with yet. So it's truly wonderful that I had to take today off to be my lovely wife's chaperone for an extended medical appointment.

Folks, it is raining cats and dogs. Or more like lions and St. Bernards. We've had in excess of 4 inches and probably have several hours more on tap. My neighbor called and reported that water is seeping up from somewhere into his master bath. He's been there a couple of decades and this has never happened.

American Airlines has shut down its operations at DFW Airport for the remainder of the day. They had to divert flights right and left today, even sending an LAX/DFW flight to Abilene. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We regret to inform you that we're gonna have to put down in a little West Texas town, and you will be spending the evening in Abilene, a town where night life consists of parking next to the Union Pacific tracks and watching freight trains go by. Enjoy!"

I often wonder how the pioneer families survived all the conditions that hit them day after day. Today is one of those days when I'm glad I'm dry and secure in a modern home and not spinning wildly down a swollen river in a covered wagon.


Brooke said...

It would be really weird to see a St Bernard falling from the sky.

Blake Perkins said...

Especially if the alcohol container is leaking.