Saturday, March 01, 2008

Things I Really Abhor

1. Organ music.

2. Floral prints. Anywhere. Don't like them on wallpaper, linens, elderly ladies' dresses, or paintings.

3. Hominy. It's nothing but wet popcorn.

4. Misspelled words on business signs. I see two every weekday that elicit a primal scream from me: One is a burger joint on Dolphin Rd. with a sign that says "Hambugers". The other is a car repair place that has this..."Wheel Alighnment".

5. Screaming three year-olds in the grocery store. It's only taken 36 months and the parents have already ceded control to these kiddoes.

6. People who drive through the alternating red lights of a school bus. I had a student get hit by such a driver once. The impact of car on body was so violent that it knocked the young man out of his shoes. He was airborne for 50 feet. And survived with only a broken femur. Please pay attention, folks!

7. Meetings.

8. Car salesmen who utter the words, "Here's what I can do for you."

9. Body piercings, tattoos, hoop earrings, cornrows, and visible nosehair.

10. Waxed paper. All the other kids at my elementary had their sandwiches wrapped in Saran Wrap. Guess my parents' budget only allowed waxed paper. It was akin to living on the wrong side of the tracks.

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