Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Love Mondays

It's late Sunday afternoon and I can't wait for Monday morning. The strep is almost gone and I feel like I'm about 75%. After 9 days of this stuff, feelin' good feels good. So when the alarm goes off tomorrow, I will smile.

Let's shift gears. Do you believe in UFO's. Aliens?

I almost do. I got interested in UFO's during my high school days. We had what's called a "flap" over North Texas, a time of increased UFO sightings. During those days, I had a morning paper route, and I always finished the morning by walking four city blocks and finishing up the deliveries. I can remember spending those days with my eyes skyward, hoping that I might see a saucer. No luck. But I have done enough research to convince myself that something is out there, something not of this earth. There have been too many sightings by pilots, astronauts, law enforcement types, and regular folks that cannot be explained. Carole and I have good friends who are believers because of what they witnessed one night. Were it just a couple of incidents, I'd say "no way". But there have been thousands of these episodes.

The question then becomes, what happens to my faith if an alien craft crashes into terra firma and removes all doubt that "they" are out there? My answer is...nothing. Nothing will ever rock my faith. What it would make me do is look again at scripture and see if we've missed something. However, other than Roswell (what did happen there?), we are still waiting for the first alien faux pas. And I still keep my eyes skyward.

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Brooke said...

I always thought it was a little conceited to think God only created us in His MASSIVE universe. But, I will have to see it to believe it and I don't think we'll see it. God would have prepared us with something in the Scripture. Just my opinion.