Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Christmas in July

I have a little over two weeks left in this, my 35th summer off. Those of you who teach know the feeling well...the delicious taste of freedom is slipping through your fingers as the looming monster of school crouches in the background.

What makes it worse is that this has been a summer like no other. Never had this much time with Carole, never had this many grandkids to enjoy, never had a full-blown hobby to captivate me like this jet-photo thingy.

So what I'm gonna try to do is remember how I feel when I get out on the Friday before Christmas...when two and a half weeks seems like two and a half months and every day is thrilling in its freedom.

I don't expect it to work.

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Brooke said...

I hear you. I'm torn between wanting time to speed up so that I can be married to Michael or drastically slow down so I don't have to teach again.