Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Funeral Talk

How do you want your funeral to be? Solemn or celebratory? Traditional or creative?

Does it even matter? Will we be laying on the grass of a heavenly meadow 3 days after "dying" and nonchalantly grasp the remote and tune in on our funeral just to hear what is said about us?

Silly us. We worry too much, methinks, about whether the casket should be bronze or mahogany, whether there should be a tombstone or a flat marker, and did the mortician make us look natural.

God would have us understand death for what it really is...transition. If what I've read about near-death experiences is accurate, we will never even lose consciousness. Here today, heaven today. And when we arrive there, the understanding that we so very much lack on this side of the curtain will be immediate. We'll know why some suffer so much, why some are taken early, and why some prayers didn't seem to be answered.

And there will be an instantaneous awareness that the following things were not worthy of all our attention on this earth: sports, clothing, appearance, television, income, and bald spots. Instead, we will understand that we could have done more for the poor, more for the aged, more for total strangers, more to spread the love of Jesus. And just as instantly as that thought arrives will be another: our shortcomings in the above matters were immediately washed away by the blood of His Son.

By the way, make my funeral celebratory.


Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

Now that's more like it!
Very well put!

By the way... make my celebratory too. Save lots of money on plots and caskets... creamate me, but not before donating all of my organs.

Tim Perkins said...

I agree completely. The average cost of a funeral in America is $8000. We've been duped by the funeral directors en masse.

Sing "I Can Only Imagine" and put my ashes in an empty green bean can, 'cause I ain't gonna be there. Praise God!


bperkins21 said...


I will personally see to it that your ashes are spread over the Saudi airport. Shouldn't the title of the blog be "Life and Jets"?

Brooke said...

You want to go like Puddin'! You want to be cremated! I just knew it!

Carole said...

Well, you'd better go after me, then. I've told you I don't want your ashes up on the mantel for the kids to knock over and have to be vacuumed up over and over. I'm still holding out for the Second Coming to come before we have to make any of these decisions!