Sunday, July 24, 2005

Split the Screen

Movies are exciting. Something about the big screen, big sound, and all that. But my wife and I rarely bother. I hate Hollywood.

Hollywood has proudly led the charge down the morality hill in America. A few decades ago, the trend started and it became necessary to rate the movies in order to screen innocent eyes from evil. Today, things are so twisted that immorality is depicted as normal, homosexuality as acceptable, and Christianity as laughable and absurd.

And Christians have had their otherwise good judgment seared by the glamour of it all. We say things like, "The language in it wasn't bad, just a few 'hells' and 'damns' and one or two others things I can't mention"; and "Yes there were bedroom scenes but they were tastefully done...not much was shown."

Tell me this. If you had guests over and they used typical movie profanity, wouldn't you throw them out of your house? Or if they were showing you videos of their kids and there was a deliberate bedroom scene spliced in, wouldn't you be aghast? Get this...we are paying to see such in the theaters! See how the devil has worked to erode our good sense?

Every ticket we buy endorses this evil, rotten industry. So the next time you've got a free night, don't automatically head to the Big Town 6. It's okay to avoid the show. Make a statement to yourselves, your friends and your God that enough is enough.

So there.

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Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

Big Town 6?

I totally agree with you on all accounts here. I think over the past three years, I have seen maybe two movies and one of those was the Passion for the Christ.

Why pay $8 to watch trash?