Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Coming Home

This picture shows a wonderful Lockheed L10-11 landing at DFW Airport. But that's not the story. This aircraft is landing following a very long flight from Shannon, Ireland and is filled with American soldiers coming home for a couple of weeks off. From war.

I once took a flight home from army duty. I can't tell you how precious the feeling was when the landing gear touched down. But I was coming home after a mere four months away from Dallas and...I did not have to return to active duty. These soldiers will be going back. Some may not return alive.

I hope the next time you see a soldier in the airport (hint, hint, Brooke and Michael), you make a point of shaking his/her hand and telling them you're proud to have them protecting you. Be sure you look them in the eyes and press the flesh firmly. I got to do this twice at DFW recently. I would have gladly stood in line to do it. It's the least I could do for someone is puttin' in on the line for me.


Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

A few months ago, there was a guy at a restauraunt I was at who picked up the tab for a table of about a dozen soldiers.

He did this very inconspicuously, but the waitress who took care of the transaction was so moved, she shared the story after the gentlemen had left.

What a classy thing to do!


Brooke said...

I'll be sure to do that if I see one, Dad.