Saturday, July 23, 2005

Turn Off the TV!

See the girl in pink? Know what she is thinking? No, she ain't thinking what dork the photographer is. She's wondering what our society would be like without television.

Some think that the "tube" has been the single most influential invention in the past 100 years. I tend to agree. More influential than the airplane, the XRay, the computer, and heated car seats. Sadly, the impact has been largely negative. Even sadder, most seem oblivious to it.

Decades ago, TV was at least barely honorable...presenting shows with traditional families emphasizing traditional values. But then network execs realized that shock value increased viewership and the decline was on. Today, this factor has been carried to the extreme, with shows becoming more and more desperate in their approach and more and more sinful in nature.

Here are some suggestions for young families: Never use the TV as a babysitter unless it's educational in nature. Never have the TV on to merely provide background noise even if no one is watching it. Think long and hard before watching major networks...remember, you can't trust their value systems at all. Try very hard to keep the thing off as much as possible and instead, read to your kids.

My next rant will be movies. I know you can't wait.

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bperkins21 said...

The thing about tv is that it could be used for learning and education. It depends on the discipline of the person with the remote control to turn off Beavis and Butthead.