Thursday, June 01, 2006

Beaten Down

On Memorial Day, Carole and I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with daughter Brooke and son-in-law Michael. It was hot outside so I spent most of the time indoors, sitting directly under a ceiling fan in a cold room.

At some point, I became aware that my sinuses and throat were caving in. Thus began the king of all jungle beasts, the summer cold. Today is Thursday and I am homebound - nose flooding, sinus cavities pounding, and voice very deep and about gone. I had so much planned for the first week of summer and those plans are still on the shelf. I'm getting cabin fever, wanting to go outside but afraid that I'll make myself worse.

The floor is open to suggestions on how to overcome this malady. My current medications include Benadryl at night and generic Tylenol Sinus during the day. I may resort to Benadryl during my waking hours, which will no doubt turn them into sleeping hours. So do I simply outlast this or do I change my approach?


Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

Sounds like more than a cold to me.

Dr. P

Blake Perkins said...

Use saline nasal spray to keep your nostrils moist. Keep hauking lugies. Use a vapor rub on your throat and chest at night. You should be getting a cough in the next few days.

erinlo said...

Mr. Perkins- Thank you so much for your sweet comment about our daughter. It meant a lot to me.

(BTW- I went to school with Brett and Jenny and got to see Jenny and the boys a few months ago when they came to visit me!!!)

Sorry- I'm no use when it comes to medical stuff!!!!