Saturday, June 10, 2006


1. I've been spending a lot of hours landscaping our property. It's supposed to be very healthy psychologically and physically to "garden" like this. I would tend to agree on the psychological part. But the physical part is somethin' else. Good thing I have a Swedish masseuse.

2. I grew up in home that had no air-conditioning. Our car had no a/c. Our church had none during most of my childhood. How in the world did we survive that?

3. Rebuilding New Orleans is a mistake.

4. Why couldn't the mothers of Dwyane Wade and Isiah Thomas spell their sons' names correctly?

5. I have never seen Christianity and Christians held in such low regard as now.

6. Has anyone tried vanilla ice cream on banana pudding? I think it would work.


Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

Just curious... why do you think rebuilding NO is a mistake? Not saying I agree or disagree, just wondering why you are so certain?

Also, you never answered my question about the cats. Are they gone or not? =)


Tim Perkins said...

1. The cats are still here. Carole began to think last week that we should put out flyers picturing the cats and try to get someone who wants one or both. I think we should go the animal shelter route.

2. I think NO is hurricane-prone. And there are many civil engineers who think the Army Corps of Engineers is putting a weak levee in place of the one that gave way.

I would love to give the displaced folks their town back. But how awful would it be to go to all that trouble just to see history repeat itself?

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

I just KNEW the cats would still be there. I've had too many converations with you two about getting rid of those cats, and they are always still around! =)

If you guys come visit us soon, I'll make you some of my banana pudding AND I'll buy vanilla ice cream... just so you can try them together.