Friday, June 16, 2006

Joy in Mudville

The National Weather Service is talking in terms of "heavy rain" this weekend. Now if you're reading this from a place other than Texas, you must understand just how good this news is.

We're smack dab in the middle of a drought here. The black, clay soil is contracting, leaving enormous cracks in the ground. Our landscapes are in distress because we're under watering restrictions. The heat has been oppressive. Yesterday, I saw a grayhound chasing a rabbit and they were both walking.

The problem is, can we trust the National Weather Service? Didn't they pick the Mavs in 4?


Blake Perkins said...

Again, I can't read yellow writing on a white background.

Carole said...

The background is black. I don't know why you have white.

Carole said...

Carole didn't write that former comment. I think Tim is forging my name. I think Blake meant yellow on black. And red on black is even worse. (referring to the post above this one)