Monday, June 05, 2006

No Longer a Cathouse

This is Monday. Hopefully by Friday, our two cats will no longer be tenants at our house. Please don't interpret what I'm going to say as being cruel. We have given a lot of thought to their departure and decided to pull the trigger.

Cat #1 is Darcy, named after a long-forgotten Dallas Stars' goalie named Darcy Wakaluk. She was found in a church parking lot. Luckily it was a Church of Christ parking lot, so we know eventually she'll be saved. She was cute and cuddly early in her life. Now she is an overweight slobola of a feline whose only purpose in life is to shed.

Cat #2 is Alex, Darcy's nemesis. Alex isn't the brightest light in the feline sky. In fact, Alex is more than plain stupid - he is intricately stupid. He meows constantly, never with any good reason. The other day, he was meowing away and went to his bowl for a drink. He continued to meow as he drank, making an incredibly retarded gargling sound. Carole purchased Alex in a fit of ignorance...wanting desperately to have a black and white kitty. If we had only known that he was not only the runt of the litter, but the dunce of the litter.

Depending on how they act tonight, we won't have them euthanized. The plan is to put them in a shelter where other non-suspecting dupes will adopt them and ruin their lives. I'll let you know how the plan goes.


Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

Can you expand on your C of C interpretation of saved?


Brooke said...

I'm sorry I brought Darcy into y'all's world. I really thought y'all needed a pet and then came Darcy onto the parking lot. She was dehydrated and covered with tar from the road. What a sad little picture. Remember how sweet she used to be? You know, before that mysterious day when she was scared to go into the laundry room. She has never been the same since.

Blake Perkins said...

I hate both of those cats, and won't mind seeing them euthanized.