Friday, June 30, 2006

Even More Fun Times

The situation at our house has settled somewhat. The people who were sick are doing better and Nana is back at her apartment. Nice trip to San Antonio coming up this weekend, but they are calling for floods...which is good - they need rain worse than we do.

My crazy hobby has been a blast this week. I've been in contact with an aviation-image agent in London who is trying to sell some of my shots to a major Asian magazine. That deal is pending, waiting for the editor-in-chief to okay everything.

I've been swapping emails with a reporter in Lagos, Nigeria. There is something of a bruhaha going on there because another reporter wrote a story claiming that the Nigerian president's new 737 wasn't really new at all. The prez had him arraigned in court. I have one of the few shots in existence of the plane and reporter #1 is trying to find out what I know...which is nothing.

The head of corporate security at Southwest Airlines called me yesterday, said he was stressed out, and wanted to know if I'd like to unwind with him by sitting next to the Love Field runways for 90 minutes or so. Uh, yeah, I'd like to do that, sir. So we did and I took 305 photos. About 12 of them are good.

These are indeed fun times for someone who has apparently sniffed too many jet fumes lately.


Heather said...

We'd like to see some of these good 12 pics.

Blake Perkins said...


Tim Perkins said...
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Tim Perkins said...
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Brooke said...

That's cool dad.